Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Biztalk Property Schema issue when Deploying

We recently had a problem with a Biztalk property schema deployment .

When we tried to deploy the schema , We came across this error and had to spend some time trying to debug this one.

The error you get would be a variation of the one below

Property "ns0:Your_Promoted_Property" (msgType="YourSchema#RootNode") not found in Configuration database.

Quick Solution

Delete the Node which it is complaining from the property schema and recreate it again


What was odd on our case was this same DLL was deploying in vertain machine but not on some other ones.

After aome amount of gogling I tried to think about the error for some time and this was my line of reasoning . The deployment was complaining about a promoted property not available in the configuration database . This was a bit weird because the property that Biztalk was complaining about was contained in the same Assembly.

But once I realized that somewhere in the deployment process the properties that were being promoted were first stored into SQL tables for eventual usage in CBR scenario . I realized that this insertion would be failing . The only reason this could be failing is if the variable already existed.

Since Biztalk being a Globalized product I figured the names would not be used as it is but rather some unique value a Identity or GUID . So I went ahead and changed the guid value of all the properties that it was complaining , I had edited the XML for this values . (You can delete and recreate the Node if you are not comfortable ) .

Then I rebuilt and it deployed like a charm !

PS: What had happened is one of our Dev's had copied the property schema from another project and changed the namespace and the field name of certain fileds.

This worked on certain machines without problems because these devemachines did not have the solution from which the property schema was copied deployed on them . Wheras we had this prior solution deployed on our servers.

So I guess Copy-Paste fanatics take care. !