Friday, July 21, 2006

Multiple Schemas in Custom Pipelines

I am loving Biztlak 2006 more and more . One of the cool feature of Biztalk 2006 which is proving a great help for me is the multiple pipeline in the same stage .

For eg let us you have a situation wher you have multiple flat files coming in and you need to find the schema . So normally we will put a flat file Dissasembler in and create a custom recive pipeline and we will need to create 3 pipelines.

In 2006 what you can do is have multiple flat file dissasembler components in the Dissassemble stage . So now your 3 pipelines now becomes one pipeline. All you need to for this is to go to your pipeline and drag in the 2 or 3 flatfile dissasembelrs and set the schema property to the ones you want and then voila. You wil notice that in the the Dissasemble stage property the execution mode appears as "First Match" .

But dont add too many dissasemblers in one stage . This wil have a negative imapct in performence . This is because probing for every dissasembler components degrades the perf.
In such a scenario consider implementing a Schema Resolver component

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Source Safe

After spending quite a bit of time playing with Menus on my Visual Studio 2005 to find the option of "Add my solution to Source control " that was there in my prev VS version I realized that I had not installed Source control at all . This was weird as I did not remember explicitly unchecking any of the options except VJ# which i thought I was not going to need probably.

I ran setup again chose Add Remove and could not find the installtion Option.
Anyway after a few painful hours I have finally got it to work . This is what I had to do

1. ) Get the VS 2005 CD . Browse to the VSS folder and run Setup .
2. ) You need the first check box in the custom installtion . Everything else is really optional
3.) Install the Visual Source safe client and connect to your existing Sourcesafe Manully
4.) Fire up Studio, and go to Tools > Options > Source Control> Show all settings > Select the current source control plug-in to "Microsoft Visual SourceSafe"

Well I hope that helps some of you atleast ! If it did leave me a note !