Monday, April 23, 2007

BizTalk Services Announced

Some time back when I blogged about the future of BizTalk I got some pretty interesting comments , at that time I felt I could not reply more as it was still under NDA . Now that it is not as of today Microsoft is announcing BizTalk in the cloud or to give the newly christened name BizTalk services

What are BizTalk Services?
These services, which have been in internal incubation for the past year, represent hosted versions of some technologies developed in the Connected Systems Division. Included in this set of services are:
o Message routing – think of this as firewall friendly B2B messaging (Available now)
o Simple publish/subscribe event brokering – Pub/Sub at Internet scale (Coming soon)
o Simple federated identity and access control (Available now)
o Workflow processes – Simple templates for cross-organization integration and the orchestration of business processes interacting with multiple services (Coming soon)

Now that these services are in external mode ( pre-alpha ) MS will now host and manage the Infrastructure on a best-efforts basis. (No SLA) . This is presently free though need not be down the road .

This move as you will probably realise is in essence with Microsofts Software + Services vision

BizTalk Services will be available via