Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Loading Dynamic Maps in Biztalk Orchestrations

I had a situation in which I had to map into a single schema when messages are send by different parties . Normally this would be done at the recieve port level and document is standardized , but one drawback of this approach is exception handling which is a pain in these situations . It would be great if we can dynamically load a map inside the orchestration and then normalize and we can have or exception handling code written there. I came across and excellent post from Steven Thomas on the same topic .

Inside the expression shape /Message Assignment Shape

objMapType = System.Type.GetType("Map Name ,( Full strong Name of Assembly)");

construct Output_Xml

transform (Output_Xml) = objMapType (Input_Xml);


Arnab Samanta said...

One of my requirements is that I need to create maps dynamically and then map it again dynamicaly . Is that at all possible?

Thanks in advance

esteban said...

Good day, friend i have a problem with biztalk, i am working Biztalk for a integration of Flat files, whith ESB, but it is a problem the flat file of Source is of posicions and it's have is structure:
00 01-01-12 name
01 01-06-88 jhon
02 03-06-88 mary
00 01-01-12 All
00 01-01-12 name
01 01-06-89 ana
02 03-06-89 charles
03 08-07-89 mario
00 01-01-12 All

but i don't know the amount of records, i only know that has many headers,many bodies,many footers, i need make it!! and no find the solucion thanks!!!