Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Biztalk Podcasts

Listen to Biztalk Server Podcasts from Scott where he talks about Enterprise Service Bus and Windows Workflow Foundation .

Scott answers lot of intersting question here .. Like how did he become product manager of Latinum (Biztalk 2000).

While on code names these are the list so far..

Latinum --- BizTalk 2000
Bizet --- BizTalk 2002
Voyager --- BizTalk 2004
Pathfinder --- Biztalk 2006
Avalon --- Windows WorkFlow Foundation(WF)
??? --- Biztalk 2008

Now that Biztalk Server 2006 is out there and after having seen the demo of Windows Workflow Foundation (WF ) at PDC lot of us are asking what will be future of Biztalk Server 2008 ? .

Scott speaks out that the design surface of workflow for WF and BTS was built by the same team and the similarities end there Biztalk would still be needed to solve problmes of EAI, BPM ,B2B, Adaptor management .
Scott also mentions that the workflow for Biztalk 2008 would most probanly share the workflow piece with WF and there would be a upgrade to current customers. This also make me believer the news I heard about the Biztalk and Indigo Team got merged into one group .

Listen to the Biztalk Server Podcasts... here

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