Monday, October 02, 2006

BPM and SOA conference - Day 0

Day 0 : I had a kind of Bad flight from here to Seattle on US airways . After a really tough scrutinizing at security where they bought out everything from my aftershave , deo and my bottle of Dasani(Water) . I got on my flight from Elmira to Philly. I had a 45 minute connection which became a 20 minute connection as flight was late . So had a real tough time running from one terminal to another where they keep announcing my name wrong on the PA systems. Somehow made it to the terminal and was the last person in . The flight was long and I was hungry but could not buy food as they ran out of meals. ( Great first they charge you and then you font get it even if you want to buy ! ) . Reached Seattle and crashed at my friend DK's place after eating some nice Indian Pulav.

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