Tuesday, October 03, 2006

BPM and SOA conference - Day 1

Day 1: Went in Registerd for the conference and went to the keynote talk By David Chappel "Conference Keynote: SOA, BPM, and Microsoft: A Pragmatic View"
This was one of the best talk that I had at the conference . It really does give you a pragmatic view of things.

The next session was by John deVadoss on Real World SOA .This really had some intersting comparison on the big bang approach vs the small end to end scenario in finding out the SOA Value . This had some intersting videos on a leading bank in Australia and some good case studies.
There was a presentation over lunch by HP
After this one had to choose between differnt tracks and I kind of took
The Architecture of SOA - John Evdemon
Technical Solution Spaces for BizTalk and CSD - Oliver Sharp
Then we had an SOA Q and A Panel which was really valuble and it kind of had lo of thought provoking question like what is schema versionin if XML stands for Extensible Markup Languuage. Well that was not the exact question but you know the philosphical flamy question . Really felt lie after a days full of presentations. I had suddenly got this cold from somewhere by then . WEnt ove rto Bldg 3 to meet some of my old friends and watched some movie in the evening

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